Authoring tool for indoor augmented and diminished reality experiences

Project Overview

Credit: Roomle


To provide an AR authoring tool enabling non-expert users to easily create natural, and persistent AR experiences, combined with DR in order to eventually offer a unique visual experience enabling design professionals to better convey their concepts.

Credit: Roomle


ATLANTIS will provide a unique AR authoring environment, building on a set of AI-based processing services and content analysis tools, complemented by an AR application; which will transform the process of authoring AR experiences.


The ATLANTIS project aims to develop an authoring tool that can be used by interior designers and sales professionals as well as private users. This is made possible by the use of AI technologies for the automatic determination of the room layout, recognition, and segmentation of objects in the room. With ATLANTIS, users can also visually remove real objects in the scene with the help of the Diminished Reality (DR) technology, for example, to replace them by computer generated objects.

Technical Notes

Segmenting Objects to Remove Them
Werner Bailer

Training instance segmentation to enable diminished reality.

A benchmark with decomposed distribution shifts for
360 monocular depth estimation
Petros Drakoulis

Train a neural network to predict depth from panoramic color images.

Diminished Reality: A powerful technology for Indoor redecoration applications
Vasileios Gkitsas

Diminished reality (DR) is the process of using technology for eliminating or diminishing objects that exist in our visual perception by using tools such as inpainting.

Instance Segmentation
Werner Bailer

Understanding the scene by finding the objects in the scene, as well as their type and boundaries.

Image Inpainting
Vladimiros Sterzentsenko

Inpainting is a conservation process where damaged, deteriorating, or missing parts of an artwork are filled in to present a complete image

Diminished Reality
Vasileios Gkitsas

Diminised Reality (DR) will allow you to see and explore real views of rooms you are planning, with existing elements partially or fully removed



Spherical Panorama Diminished Reality for Indoor Scenes.


A Holistic Benchmark and a Solid Baseline for 360o Depth Estimation.


Our adjusted fork of the SOLOv2 segmentation algorithm.

Matterport dataset utils

Utilities for working with the Matterport3D dataset.

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